Mezzanine Realized Portfolio




AC Business Media

Niche business-to-business marketing through digital, mobile, publication and  live event platforms

Location: Ft. Atkinson, WI
Investment Date: August 2014
Investment Exit: October 2016
Transaction Type: Buyout
Security Type: Subordinated Debt







Learn It Systems

Academic support and special education services focused on autism

Location: Baltimore, MD
Investment Date: February 2014
Investment Exit: May 2016
Transaction Type: Acquisition
Security Type: Subordinated Debt & Equity








Manufacturer of shop towels, disposable wipes, and sorbents

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Investment Date: June 2013
Investment Exit: April 2016
Transaction Type: Recapitalization
Security Type: Subordinated Debt & Jr. Subordinated Debt







Lone Star Distribution

Wholesale distributor of sports nutrition products

Location: Dallas, TX
Investment Date: May 2015
Investment Exit: February 2016
Transaction Type: Buyout
Security Type: Subordinated Debt







Commercial printer focused on premium catalogs

Location: Menomonee Falls, WI
Investment Date: March 2014
Investment Exit: December 2015
Transaction Type: Refinancing
Security Type: Subordinated Debt





Manufacturer of ingredients derived from plant cell walls used in food products and cosmetics

Location: River Falls, WI
Investment Date: July 2013
Investment Exit: December 2014
Transaction Type: Growth Capital Expenditures
Security Type: Subordinated Debt




Manufacturer of custom cable and wire solutions

Location: Osceola, WI
Investment Date: June 2013
Investment Exit: June 2014
Transaction Type: Management Buyout
Security Type: Subordinated Debt